Managing Wealth

Building Wealth & Investment Planing
June 26, 2017
Insurance Planning
June 27, 2017

Managing Wealth

Tax planning and Filling of income tax returns

Tax is usually the first and biggest expense of personal finance. Therefore tax panning is crucial to ensure less money goes out in form of taxes and more money is made available to create wealth. As an extension of our Tax planning service we offer services for filling Income tax returns in a hassle free manner.

Accounting, Financial Reporting and Book keeping services

To maximize wealth, all four components of personal finance i.e income, expense, assets and liabilities have to be brought at an optimum level but for this, first statements representing these components that is “balance sheet” and “income & expense” statements need to be accurately generated and constantly monitered by periodic financial reporting which is done by our accounting, financial reporting and book keeping services.

Budgeting, Expenses and Cash flow Management

Budgeting ensures you spend on things that are important to you and thereby prevents over spending on needless things resulting into more money available to create wealth. Here we analyze existing cash flow situations, make net worth and projected cash flow statements for planning income, expense and investments for our clients.

Loans & Liabilities Management

Are liabilities good or bad?

Bad if you don’t manage them. Because if not managed well, they take money out of your pocket, keep you stuck in the rat race and become a burden. However, By proper management of liabilities you can use liabilities to your advantage. If rate at which you borrow is less than the rate at which you invest, Liabilities can actually put money in your pocket rather than taking it out, you get an opportunity use other people’s money to make profit for yourself and there is lot of scope for tax planning using liabilities.
We at Wealth 360 not only offer loan products but also provide comprehensive liabilities management solutions so that your liabilities are no longer a burden but a means to achieve your financial goals.


Loan products which Wealth 360 offers along with complete liabilities management solutions

  • Home Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Loan against property
  • Business Loans
  • Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Working Capital Loans


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